Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whoever thought this is where I'd be at 22; Married, in school, full-time nanny. Friend, daughter, sister, aunt, neice, granddaughter...the list goes on and on. There are so many things I still desire to be and wonder if they happen to be included in God's plan for me. Someday I'll be a mother, basking in the sweet, sweet smell of a baby of my own. One with a wild name, destined to be a rock star or something notably interesting. I hope to be an aunt to many more babies whose names end in "N". Children I love so dearly, I wonder how I could ever love my own more than they. I'm in school to be a Respiratory Therapist, wanting to bring hope and health to the elderly in their sunset years, and the delicate infants housing under-developed lungs. This is a feasible goal. But how about all of the other labels I long to land? For instance, writer. On "my list of things to do before I die," is write a book. To jump in feet first, full of imagination and clever wording would be a heartfelt novel that would grab readers by their shoulders and shake every emotion loose. Also, boutique owner/designer. Whether it be unique home furnishings or handpicked vintage garments, I would use high-end fabrics, and rough metals and metallics. The shop would either be named Peanut Gallery (long story) or Rubies (my fascination with rubies will be explained in a later blog.) Believe it or not, there is more I long to accomplish, but for this moment in time, God wants me to do the best with what I've been given. A wonderful husband who loves me more than I deserve, an amazing family who's supported the woman I am today, and a future full of unknowns! My encouragement to anyone reading this is, don't put yourself in a box. You may be a stay at home mom, but that's not God's only plan for you. He places desires in our hearts to be watered and eventually bloom. So, dream, dream, dream, and it will all happen in His perfect timing. If He were standing here next to me I'm sure he would say, "Delight yourself in me, and I can assure you, little girl, I will give you the desires of your heart!"