Monday, December 28, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

Paige (22 months)

Molly (4) & Finn (7)

I'm a nanny and my kids crack me up. Here are some of my favorites:

1.) Molly: "How do you itch your lip when you're not supposed to put your fingers in your mouth??"

2.) Molly: "Karlee, why don't you have toys at your house?"

Me: "Because I don't have children yet, so there's no reason to have toys."

Finn: "Well why don't you birth some, you mammal? You're not just gonna lay an egg, ya know!"

3.) Molly: "My mom was really mad last night."

Me: "At you?"

Molly: "No, at my dad. She cut his head off."

Me: "She CUT his head off?"

Molly: "Not for real, Karlee. It's just something you say when a person yells at another person."

Me: "You mean, BIT his head off?"

Molly: "Oh yeah, bit. I'm so silly" :)

Stay tuned...


LenkaLovee said...

haha..those are halerious quotes!! :) crack me up...
the other day my little siter (age 4) was walking around singing "if i was a rich girl"...(by gwen stefani, and she didn't know the lyrics after that so she;s like "then I would buy mathew" (he's my brother, age 7) and mathew goes, "you can't buy me. I'm not black! I can't be a slave!" i was like did he get that out of the slavery unit???

Evi said...

i just came across your blog, and although you haven't blogged in a while, i read this post and died laughing. i too, nanny full-time in the summer and no matter what age, kids truly do say the darnest things. thanks for sharing (and making me laugh)! hope you come back soon :)

Sarah said...

These pictures are so pretty. Kids are hilarious!

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